i am an artist
constantly adding and rearranging plants in my los angeles loft style apartment.
born and raised in a small town in Michigan.
curating playlists to reflect my mood weekly.
spending time with family every chance i get.
i prefer a bit of an overcast type of day.
i love road trips and i am the best at keeping secrets.

my current mediums include, but are not limited to:
writing, film and digital photography, curating playlists, creative directing and filmmaking.

I started this blog because ts important to tell people how you feel so that you dont get trapped in yourself. This is my way of sharing those thoughts. Some willingly, with ease. Others, the brutal truth that I’d typically be hesitant to share. ┬áThis is where you’ll get the most of me. With social media being a place that breeds instant gratification this is the place I’d like to feel most at home. If you find something you connect with, I welcome you to make yourself at home. If not, thats cool too. Thank you for checking on me… or whatever.