My weekend.

When I first started with photography it was overwhelming to create content for both, my clients and myself and still have a personal life. First I learned to prioritize and at some point I began taking full advantage of my weekends.

The time I’d spend lounging around and binge watching Game of Thrones. Instead, I’d organize my week so that things do not get out of control once emails hit my inbox come Monday morning. At the beginning of 2017 I started to miss the process of creating the type of work I enjoy creating for myself. So I decided to carve time out of the weekend to make sure the week goes as smooth as possible. This is something that I chat with my creative circle about quite often so I thought I’d share a few tricks that I’ve found to be effective. Maximize my weekend.

One of my biggest obstacles when it comes to blogging/content creation would be generating fresh ideas and keeping the moral up long enough to complete the project. Often times I will come up with these ideas earlier in the day and forget them when its time to execute. I’ve gotten better at this by jotting down a few notes in my journal each morning. Taking and additional hour out on Sundays to compile these ideas and rank them from good to great. Taking those ideas that you deem worthy and thinking of a ways to accomplish your goal without spending unnecessary time on the project. Setting dates and deadlines always reigns supreme when it comes to me getting things done.

#1 Research I give myself 2-3 hours on Sunday to browse for new content and research trends and topics that I am interested in. I’ll keep a scratch pad near to write down random words and highlight ideas and concepts that interest me or that I feel may work for my brand. Sometimes this means that I am on Vimeo scrolling through the staff picks or could be at home turning the pages of a coffee table book or magazine I have laying around. Sometimes you don’t have to go very far for things to stand out and strike you as a good idea. Often times it is right there in front of you so be sure to be aware of that when looking for inspiration.

#2 Planning is ultra important as an artist. I need as much time as I can possibly get to create, relax and recharge. Doing my planning on the weekend always seems to help me keep things organized and gets me in the flow of things. It gives me an agenda to go by throughout the week. It allows me to move with a purpose. If I know I have a shoot coming up. I’ll set time aside to make sure I have everything covered so I am not rushing and making last minute changes before a shoot. This could be charging camera batteries, clearing CF/SD cards or working on a mood board. coming up with ideas is only half the battle. Its important to materialize it. If you never move out of the conceptual phase its tough to remain productive.

I also enjoy running any necessary errands during the weekend. Planning saves me so much time in my personal life. some people love grocery shopping but not me… So to eliminate the stress of having to do that throughout the week. I use amazon fresh to order my groceries to be delivered to my doorstep at 7am every Monday. Not only does it give me new snacks to look forward to but it allows me to start the week with a fully stocked fridge and saves me the trip to the Downtown Whole Foods or Ralph’s.

#3 Personal Photoshoots I take the weekend to shoot everything but people. At least I try to. Being a lifestyle portrait photographer allows me to work with tons of awesome people and I am grateful for that but during the weekend I feel its important for me to shoot things that make me happy. Things around my place, favorite restaurants, shoes, music etc. These are things that I shoot during the week as well but I tend to put emphasis on these things during the weekend because this is also my time to recharge, reflect.


How do you spend your weekend? I am always looking for ways to maximize my time while staying true to myself. If you have anything you suggest please share. 🙂